State of the art X-ray equipment available within each clinic!

The following x-rays can be taken on-site as well as others not listed here.


A chest x-ray is one of the most common diagnostic x-rays. A chest x-ray enables a physician to see images

of the heart, lungs, airway passages, blood vessels, spine, and the entire chest area. 




Knee x-rays are helpful in diagnosing knee injuries. A knee x-ray can depict images of bones,

tissues, and organs which can aid the physician in diagnosing certain knee conditions more easily.



Back x-rays, or x-rays of the spine can aide in diagnosing back related problems, as well as

problems stemming from incorrect back surgery.





Ankle x-rays can confirm fractures/sprains, as well as indicate the need for foot surgery.





Wrist x-rays can easily help the physician diagnose any fractures or disorders associated with

frequent finger/hand usage.